When you’ve got a billion things on your mind, it becomes stressful planning out the best use of your time. Time to get creative and make your own planner that you can customize to fit your individual needs. Sure you can grab a quality planner from the local store, but by making your own you can add sections that aren’t usually found in premade ones.


  • Colorful pens or markers
  • Washi tape, stickers, glitter (optional)
  • Ruler
  • Post-it Tabs
  • Blank notebook



  1. Decorate the cover of your notebook. Check out Pinterest to get some inspiration from other DIYers.
  2. Monthly Calendar: Starting from the first page, use a ruler to draw measure out the size of your calendar. Make sure to leave space above and below the grid. Using a black pen, draw the 5×7 grid making sure to leave extra space above the first row to write in the days of the week. At the top of the page, use a color pen to write in the month and year. Write in the date in the upper right-hand corner of each box making sure not to miss any dates. Begin to write in any important dates such as birthdays, holidays or special events. Box in the date you wrote in before if there is an event. This makes the date stand out at a glance. Place a tab on the edge of this page and write in the month. This makes it easier to find in a rush.
  3. Weekly Calendar: Draw a large box that spans both pages leaving extra space at the right side. Make sure you leave space above and below this box! Divide the large box into 7 sections vertically. Make sure you leave a .5″ space at the left end of the box. Write the week in black ink above the box. Using a colored pen, write in the day and date along the top of each box. Divide each vertical box into 48 rows, don’t draw the lines just yet. Trace out each even line in black ink. In the leftmost column, write in the time starting from 12:00 am. Divide the rightmost section in half, creating headings that says “To-Do List” on the first half and “Shopping List” on the botton half. Underneath the grid, create a heading that says “Notes.” Repeat these steps for each week in the year. Use the weekly calendar to write in meetings, socials, and other events. Make sure that anything you write in your to-do list has a date to be completed by and checkboxes so that you can keep track of your items.
    • Your workout calendar can be smaller than your monthly calendar but large enough so that you can write in your target areas or exercises. Be sure to check off of cross off days that you workout. Studies have shown that people are more motivated to workout if they have already planned out the workouts.
    • Make a list of all of the goals that you would like to accomplish by the end of the month as well as some bullet points to help you achieve them. Create checkboxes next to each goal so that you can keep track of your progress.
    • If you’re into meal prepping, create a smaller monthly calendar that is large enough to write in breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. You’l be surprised how much easier it is to go grocery shopping once you have sorted out meals ahead of time.
    • Create a box with the heading “Fun things to do this month.” Write in all of the upcoming exhibits, films, restaurants, or date night ideas in this section.Widgets Page: This page contains little items that can make your days easier such as meal calendars. You can choose to have a widget page before or after the monthly calendar page. Common widgets include workout calendars, goal trackers, meal prep, upcoming films/ exhibits, and anything else that you can think of. It’s your journal after all.

Remember, you can add or delete any sections that you want. There is no set way to plan out your days and you can check out pinterest for more inspiration on bullet journaling and other sections. By organizing your days, you can plan time to clean out your homes using your extra time with Cleanout Express.


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DIY Bullet Journal

When you’ve got a billion things on your mind, it becomes stressful planning out the best use of your time. Time to get creative and make your own planner that you can customize to fit your individual needs. Sure you can … Continue reading

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