Getting organized in January (January is Get Organized Month)


Happy New Year 2017! and as many resolutions come and go, here is one that should be a staple for you every January – that is get organized month! New Years resolutions are in full swing, getting healthy and organized are the most common resolutions according to NBC.

Things that you can throw away today:

Living Room

  • Old Magazines and Newspapers
  • Paperback Books
  • Games that are incomplete / missing pieces
  • Outdated Electronics
  • Old Toys
  • DVDs / CDs


  • Expired Medicine
  • Old Makeup
  • Old Toiletries
  • Stinky Towels
  • Travel Sized Toiletries
  • Bags and Packaging from TP
  • Old Toothbrushes
  • Empty bathroom wastebasket


  • Food that is expired
  • Plastic storage containers
  • Old coffee mugs
  • Expired or unused spices
  • Plastic grocery bags that you accumulated
  • Wine bottles
  • Disgusting pots and pans
  • Koozies
  • Duplicate utensils of no use


  • Old Promotional T-Shirts
  • Stained / Damaged Clothing
  • Mismatched Socks

So, that’s a great list to start with, and is a great process for organization and decluttering. Did you know that by having a home full of clutter can severely impact your mood, which can lead to additional stress and even depression?! Clutter free doesn’t happen overnight, if you are in need of some professional clutter services, call Cleanout Express at 718-658-0979 or schedule a free estimate.

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How to Dispose of Your Trash

Many people do not dispose of their garbage in an efficient manner. The United States alone accounts for over 220 million tons of waste put into the environment. The solution to this problem is awareness. If you should like to know more information on proper trash disposal, then read on.

First and foremost, do not just dump your trash anywhere. This should be obvious, but it’s the most important rule. Always try to throw your household trash into a receptacle.

Do not burn garbage. When you burn trash, toxic emissions and ash is let off into the air. This is especially true for materials such as plastic.

Stay organized when throwing things out. Make sure you properly sort your garbage into recyclables and combustibles (things that can burn cleanly), but still try to avoid burning trash if you can. Although it is less dangerous than burning other man-made material, you won’t have the proper ways to dispose of the ash left over that can get find its way into your food or water supply if you aren’t careful enough. It’s always better to not take the risk.

Stay vigilant when recycling. Many people will sort recyclable materials fairly sloppily, mixing paper with plastic or vice versa. Keep all recyclable materials separated from one another.

Any natural trash you possess, such as any extra soil or leaves you have in or around your home, are considered compost. Dispose of these materials by simply mixing them with nutrients such as more soil and returning them to the ground outside. Composting is one of the best forms of waste management because it is the safest. There are no risks or dangers that come with it.

For other materials that perhaps shouldn’t just be thrown away into a landfill, such as large plastics, call a rubbish removal company. This one of the more common forms of waste removal from the home, and it’s much more efficient, since they have their own safer ways of disposing of your trash that you won’t have to worry about.

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The Benefits of Disposing of your Clutter

Here Are Some Of The Benefits of Disposing of your Clutter

When you clean your house, no matter the reason, there are many things you can benefit from. It’s more than just simply a clean space. The effects can surprisingly go beyond what you’d think.

Less stress. Relief of the mind is the best kind, and it takes a heavy load off of you and allows for some space to relax. Although we are talking about material things here, it still has an impact on your overall health, and the removal of such things can definitely have a positive impact on you. Even just the presence of clutter in the home can pose a threat to one’s psyche, making it subconsciously more difficult to perform simple, daily tasks.

More time. When you’re not cluttered, you have more time and space to do the things you actually want to do instead of worrying about things you don’t have to. This applies to both the physical and metaphorical aspects of your life, since you’ll have more time to keep yourself at ease. Say you lived in Manhattan, one of the busiest cities in the country.

You’re normally running around, doing multiple things at once. It doesn’t help to have a messy home on top of everything. Moreover, your home represents your lifestyle. is a necessity, and an overworked mind is detrimental to your lifestyle. This is why it’s such a relief when it comes to time for the average person.
You learn. When your household mess is removed, you’re given space in your life to start anew and gain new skills. For example, learning how to stay organized and productive right after successfully cleaning your living space will prevent future clutter from building up in your home. Cleaning your home essentially gives you a clean slate to work with, and it would be way harder to make these changes with the same mess. Having a cluttered space is also associated with procrastination, because it’s something that has piled up after a long time. Being able to rid yourself of procrastination is a great skill, because you won’t be telling yourself you’ll “do it tomorrow” over and over again. There’s a lot more that goes into the art of not procrastinating, but this is a great place to start.

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When is it the right time to call a junk removal company?

time to call a junk removal companyCleanliness and tidiness at home are very important, and you can remove your junk with the help of a junk removal company. Nevertheless, you may be quite uncertain when is the best time to have your junk removed. It is actually not a good idea to call a garbage removal company when you have too little junk, but you should also bear in mind an increase in the quantity of junk will cost you higher removal fees. So, it’s really crucial to determine a budget before you decide to have your junk removed. Selection of a good junk remover is, in addition, essential as rates of these bureaus may differ significantly

What are the things you can call a junk removal company to remove?

While determining how much junk you should have before calling a trash removal company, it is wise to learn the sorts of things that these businesses pick up and also the things that they don’t. Most of them do not pick up commercial and dangerous waste. The principal types of waste that debris removal agencies pick up are as mentioned below:

Paint, Pesticides, Insecticides, Paint thinners and Strippers, Tires, Batteries, Antifreeze, Motor Oil, Oil Filters, Propane Tanks, Florescent Lights, Solvents, Fertilizers, Pool Chemicals, Oven and Drain Cleaners, Furniture and Metal Polish, Electronic Equipment, Monitors and Others.

When is the right time to call a junk removal company?

Cleaning the whole home in a day can be hectic and frustrating, so instead of removing a whole lot of junk, it’s best to remove it slowly. On the other hand, the cost of junk removal rides on the amount of junk you need to dispose. Hence, it’s really crucial that you know just how much junk to remove at a time.

Typically, the costs for commercial junk and domestic junk removals can change. If you live in a little house, it’s wise to get the service when you’ve a small amount of junk, as this is cheaper. There are distinct online space calculators which can be used to ascertain the right amount of junk to dispose. With these calculators, you’ll know just how much junk you should dispose to get the best possible rates.

Getting the best prices for junk removal

You may have doubts as it pertains to the prices of the services. There may be several various sorts of charges. For less junk, the providers will typically charge lower rates. In case you’ve a lot of junk to remove, you may need to pay maximum charges. The precise fees can be established by calling the one of them. After you’re confident of the prices, then you can determine the amount of the junk you desire to dispose. It’s also significant that you learn the prices and quality of services of different businesses to ensure that you’ve the best price possible.

The pricing for junk removal may also vary determined by the locality you’re in. Some businesses will supply the rates of their services according to zip codes. Special discounts are also available for those who take advantage of online booking.

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Three reasons to hire a junk removal company

junk removal long island , cleanout express If you’ve had that “project” car or lawnmower sitting in your garage for the past ten years, corroding away until you have time to tackle it, stop right here, and save your excuses and hire a junk removal company to take care of that. Folks frequently begin accumulating or hoarding things with the best of motives, yet this can easily spiral out of control, leaving the yard, or even entire rooms in the house unusable due to the lack of space. In case you are tired of trash taking over your home or simply need to clear some space for a few new jobs, subsequently hiring junk removal specialists will help you reorganize your home, make it safer for your family, and help relieve some of the stress which is included with this difficult task you can get Junk Removal in Long Island or any part of NYC by giving us a call at 718-658-0979 we are here to help and we truly care.


An excessive amount of clutter in your home or yard? Can not find a place to park your new automobile in the garage because there is a deadly avalanche of Christmas lights and sports gear threatening to come crashing down on you? Junk removal companies can help you clear away unwanted items which could be taking up too much room on your property. Rather than resorting to buying expensive extra storage space that’s a hassle to maintain, or needing to build new storage units on your property, it is much easier to maximize your present space by removing unwanted items.


Many individuals need to clear their clutter but become stressed or overwhelmed with the number. They may also find it hard to get started or not have the physical stamina to undertake such a large job. Junk removal specialists can help you get organized and began on your spring cleaning by doing the heavy lifting for you and disposing of things safely and efficiently. They could help you by sorting items into groups and can help supply you with an outsider’s point of view, which can help make letting go of certain items considerably easier. The peace of mind and less discouragement is readily worth the expense and it will likewise help save you a large amount of time.


If you have children, aged relatives, or even pets sharing your home, you are aware that security is an important concern. Having excess things around the yard or home such as auto frames or engines, timber, and scrap metal can introduce serious security problems. Kids are especially at risk as they’re readily tempted by these dangerous things in addition to areas that appear to ask venture. While playing in the lawn they could easily cause serious injury to themselves by getting a wound from rusty metal or tripping over some wooden planks. Not only will you have to deal with the aftermath, but youare also going to be saddled with a large medical bill and might even bring attention from child protective services if they deem your home too dangerous. The elderly and pets might also wander into these areas and cause themselves unintentional injury. Junk removal professionals can help you make your home safer and more secure by removing unneeded things or putting them where they’re out of the way and can not cause harm.

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Hiring a junk removal specialist in Long Island

Junk removal services on Long Island are essential in keeping the environment on the up and up, recycling and maintaining the natural beauty of our surroundings is essential. There are services that usually take good care of everything you no longer need and offer safe and effective disposal solutions to all kinds of rubbish. Clearing and getting rid of your junk can be a difficult / tedious / laborious task, particularly when you need to think of where to dispose of everything you no longer need. Fortunately, there are junk removal professionals who will do all the work on your behalf.

Just like hiring any other kind of service, you have to make several choices before selecting the top company to take and remove your junk. Here are questions you should ask your service provider to help to make the best choice for your requirements?

Are your services for commercial or residential properties? This is crucial because there are businesses that handle only specified properties. Nevertheless, a good supplier will provide the services both to commercial and residential clients. The endless services go to reveal the professionalism of the business. Cleanout Express is proud to say, we do both residential and commercial rubbish removal.

Which kind of trash do you handle? The term junk covers a large amount of waste and your company ought to be in a position to handle any kind of thing that you no longer need. The professionals understand just what to do with your junk or waste and they can decide to dispose the waste, recycle useable things and donate the ones that are still functional and helpful to other people who have a demand in their opinion.

How will you dispose my waste? Learn which waste it’ll clear and the disposal intends the provider has so you understand your waste won’t end up being part of environmental pollution. A good business should offer the best disposal procedures for the different types of waste and items. Choose one which caters to the environment and ecology by using the finest disposal techniques. Cleanout Express is a eco friendly green company.

What waste management equipment do you have? This really is essential because some wastes require special treatment and you ought to be sure everything will run smoothly throughout the process. Discover what waste collection equipment and techniques the business uses in addition to the transport mode for the same. Garbage trucks ought to be presentable, well kept and in good shape. It’ll be less difficult for the company to handle any volume of waste and any type of waste when it has the right gear so consider this before making your choice.

What areas do you cover? It’s of course important to employ local junk removal services, but occasionally you might wish to use a more reliable business from contiguous areas. When hiring, make sure your place is covered by the services. Cleanout Express provides rubbish removal in Long Island , Nassau County and the five boroughs.

What are your rates? The service rates should match the standard of the services which you get. The rates can be determined by a variety of factors, but when you take the time to compare companies and services offered, you can get quality services at a reasonable rate. Consistently work using a supplier you can afford and expect excellent services from like Cleanout Express.

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Benefits of using a junk removal company to get rid of junk in NYC

To most home owners, getting rid of their junk can be a major chore and a pretty unpleasant chore at that. Yet, it is a task which many of us may need to finish as a way to keep our homes clutter free, and in times where we have to remove a large amount of junk, this is where a Junk Removal Company can come to our rescue.

Following your call, a junk removal service will dispatch a crew to your home and eliminate any set aside items which you no longer want. In addition, they will come with however many trucks needed for everything to be removed. This is one way in which a junk removal service may work following your needs.  The best thing is that a junk removal company will provide all the labor and material needed as well as removing the items off your property.

With regard to what happens to your junk once it has removed it from your home, it is not just a question of simply removing it from your home and then dumping it someplace. Things including appliances and electronic equipment must be disposed of in a safe and correct manner- this especially applies to any item that have soldered wiring which can pollute our soil so any items for example televisions, stoves and fridges should be disposed of correctly. These items also have to be processed to be able to eliminate copper and other contaminating substances. Having the specialized knowledge of exactly where to take special items for disposal, is an intrinsic element of a professional and thorough Junk Removal Service. It also helps that we are an eco friendly and green friendly company.

The moving of furniture, even if just went a short space, can be transcending straining on the body, and our stress levels! We can frequently encounter a number of barriers when transferring our furniture for example the amount of stairs, loading items onto a vehicle and then transporting our items to a specified dumpsite for removal. Issue items of this nature may contain mattresses and box springs, carpeting and pianos and more often than not, the majority of folks do not possess the means or skill to safely move these items their self. Just one phone call to a reputable junk removal service can supply you with the required work force and equipment which makes removing your junk, quick, simple and most importantly, safe.

The costs involved when hiring a Junk Removal Service will change with each individual business so it is thus advisable to obtain competitive quotations before selecting to use a specific business. Some firms may supply a service for a flat fee that is usually regarded as being the preferable strategy. Such a fee will depend upon the amount of junk you need moved, although the transportation used will usually be a big moving or garbage truck. Frequently, your total fee will even include a flat fee charge that will include work and gasoline.

A question which will normally be asked is: what is the typical price of utilizing a flat fee based service? Many junk removal services will charge their customers predicated on the size of truck they need so before agreeing to use any service, it is necessary to check how their fees are calculated. In regards to hiring a junk removal service for your needs, it is advantageous to firstly look at what you will require to be eliminated and make a record of this. This will allow it to be easier when the time comes to rent a service as if you are aware of how big the occupation is going to be, each individual service will have the ability to supply you with a more exact quotation.

A Junk Removal Service can help to make the removal of junk from your home a simple and practically effortless task. Not only will your junk be removed in a secure and environmentally friendly fashion, but it will further save you a great deal of time, and possibly money too.

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Finding The Perfect Rubbish Removal Company

When trying to find the right rubbish removal company one must consider many important things when choosing the right team for the job. Some factors for coming to play are; how long have they been in business? How are the reviews across the Internet? Not just one site check a couple sites, sites like yelp, Google plus, Yellow Pages, Insider Pages, Merchant Circle and many others.

Choose the Best Rubbish Removal Company in NYC

Did you know that cleanout express serves the Entiat NYC area, is always on time, has excellent reviews, is always in uniform and professional, makes it to go to keep their clients happy and always sweeps the area clean and gets rid of your junk in a timely fashion. We remove anything and everything from all junk such as books, old electronics, furniture, appliances, refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, backyard debris such as concrete, bricks, dirt, pools, fences and many other items that we forgot to mention.

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Rubbish Removal Company in Brooklyn

If you live in Kings County a.k.a. Brooklyn New York then give us a call for a free no hassle no obligation quote on your junk removal. We have a fleet of trucks service in the Brooklyn and NYC area and are available by scheduling online you’ll automatically save $30. Our team is fast and friendly and always in uniform; we have a beautiful fleet of fire red engine trucks to haul your most unwanted garbage, trash, junk and rubbish away as quickly and fast as possible.

Call us today at 718-658-0979 to schedule an appointment that won’t cost you a dime. We service all of Brooklyn and specialize and removing anything and everything in your residential house that’s including but not limited to furniture, appliances, household junk, old sofas, refrigerators, tVs, big bulky washing machines, and many more household items. The only finger you a list is the point at what you need removed in our Brooklyn junk removal specialist will take care of it as quickly as possible.

We love Brooklyn being born and raised here we take pride in the neighborhood and we served all Brooklyn neighborhoods. The process is easy you can schedule online or give us a call you will still save $30 on any appointments booked. Once booked and confirmed for junk removal our team will arrive promptly and all you need to do is tell them what needs to be taken out and they will take care of the rest we even sweep the area clean. We provide rubbish removal for residential and commercial. We specialize in office clean outs., stores, Businesses, real estate, estate cleanouts, and any other kind of junk removal possible. We also do backyard cleanouts and remove items such as dirt, concrete, bricks and other yard waste.

We serve every area of Brooklyn possible include Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Cadman Plaza, downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo, Fort Greene, Fulton, Prospect Heights, Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Columbia, Gowanus, Park slope, Redhook, South Park Slope, Sunset Park, Bedford, Bedford Stuyvesant, Bushwick, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, East Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Ditmas Park, East Flatbush, Kensington, Ocean Pkwy., Prospect Park South, Stuyvesant Heights, bensonhurst, Bayridge, Borough Park, Dyker Heights, New Utrecht, Sunset Park, Brighton Beach, Coney Island, Gerritsen Beach, Gravesend, Manhattan Beach, Midwood, Seagate, Sheepshead Bay, Brownsville, Cypress Hills, East New York, Starrett City, Canarsie, Marine Park, flatlands, Bergen Beach, Georgetown and Mill basin.

Cleanout Express loves Brooklyn and been working in the neighborhood for over two decades we have our office is located in Brooklyn and have our fleet out every day to handle the most intense junk removal possible. It doesn’t matter large or small we handle it all. Remember my mother what it is we will get rid of it for you we specialize in being cheaper then 1-800 got junk and having the best service possible. Our team is always on time and always in uniform and ready to get down and dirty with junk removal. We take pride in our work and put our customers number one we have built an excellent reputation online and have excellent reviews on all or most review sites that customers leave reviews on.

We have supreme dedication in the junk removal industry and strive to be as best as possible and better than all our competitors. Just search Google for our well written reviews about our company from our previous clients they’ll recommend us and use us again if possible. Thank you for taking the time to read more information about our Brooklyn junk removal company. Thanks for taking the time out and reading our post about Brooklyn junk removal and have a great day.

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Affordable Junk Removal in NYC

Rubbish Removal in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens +

We provide junk removal in NYC and if you are looking for the best and most affordable way to remove junk in NYC then look no further. We remove anything and everything from couches, dressers, heavy and bulky items, appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers, freezers and any other appliance that you can think of. We have been business for decades and are located in New York City these are just some of residential items that we remove, there are and always will be more than we list here. If you are living in clutter and need a clutter specialist to help you live clutter free give us a call to set an appointment and we can get started right away.

We make the process removing junk as easy and painless as possible. With one click on a schedule inform you already save $30. We provide free estimates and in some cases we can remove the junk the same day. We have a fleet of trucks servicing the entire New York City area including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and of course who can forget about the Bronx. We also serve Long Island and Westchester we have an army of junk removal specialists went dedicated to the job and will remove junk fast neatly and always sweep the area clean.

Our junk removal business is great for homeowners and business owners we provide residential and commercial junk removal. We remove junk from offices storefronts businesses and the average home owner. Our team is always in uniform on time friendly courteous and willing to help all you need to do is point to what needs to be taken and will take care of the rest. We make junk removal our lives and cleaning and being as eco-friendly as can be makes the world a better place. Did we mention that we specialize in furniture removal here is a list of certain items that we removed we remove sofas, sleeper sofas, mattresses, boxsprings, loveseats, bed frames, armchairs, kitchen tables, chairs, desks, dresses, armoires, Meares, lamps, hutches, cabinets, kitchen cabinets, old nasty and disgusting carpet, dishes, and even bookshelves. We remove a wide variety of office furniture to get your living room looking spiffy again.

Ask about our charitable donations where you will receive A tax deduction and any items that you give us. We always try to reuse or recycle any items that your phone away to protect and take care of the environment. Even our web hosting is green. We are just a phone call away and rates answer any questions that you can think of we are available from 7 AM to 7 PM or you could even schedule online to make your life easier.

So just kick back and relax and know that we will handle removing anything from furniture, clothing, appliances even the dishes, large big-screen TVs, big air-conditioning units, lawnmowers, yard debris such as dirt concrete bricks and any other yard waste imaginable. We will provide you with a guaranteed no obligation estimate and can start in some cases right away. To get a better sense check out our garbage estimator located here. We charge by the volume and it does take time energy and effort to remove this junk as well as dump fees and other expenses as well don’t worry we take care of it all and charge you one low affordable price.

We want you to make your home sweet again and with our service your home will be back and clutter free in no time. Did we mention that we also sweep the area clean? That’s right folks we take pride in my work and we truly care to be the best jumper moving company to New York City has to offer remember no matter where you’re located in the five boroughs and Long Island and Westchester we can take care of you and meet your needs and get you living junk free again.

Feel free to contact us to schedule a free quote on the form on the left and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Remember we offer no obligation quotes. Thanks for taking the time out and reading our post about New York City junk removal and have a great day.

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